Dear Valued Customer,

Medinox CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19) Protocol

Medinox imports products from China, Europe and other parts of the world. We would like to clarify some points withregards to the Covid-19 virus, our stock and our adopted protocol.
• Products imported by sea freight are transported in cardboard boxes that are very porous. Porous materials do not transmit viruses very well. It is smooth impermeable materials like stainless steel that can transmit viruses the best.
• There is no current evidence that the Covid-19 virus spreads via articles packed in porous materials like cardboard or linen.
• Products transported by sea freight are untouched for approximately three weeks making it a very unlikely source of contamination. With all information available to us today, we have reason to believe none of our products would carry the Covid-19 virus.
• We follow Good Distribution Practice as regulated by SAHPRA thereby reducing any risk of unhygienic practices.

Stock on hand.
• By virtue of the long time it takes to import stock and always warehousing enough stock, we keep months’ worth of stock on hand at any point in time. This reduces the handling of stock and stock traffic in and out of our facility.
• We are not likely to run out of stock for which there is the normal planned stock parameters.
• We encourage our customers to make enquiries with our sales personnel about stock availability and your specific current and future needs.

Locally procured stock:
• We only procure stock from approved suppliers who have been vetted by our Regulatory Department for compliance with all the Laws regulating our business.
• We trust that our suppliers are as vigilant about this Novel Virus as we are.
• All stock is received following Standard Operating Procedures as prescribed by the ISO13485 Standard we to adhere to.
• All our warehouse personnel adhere to our hygiene regime and increased personal hygiene implemented as a safety measure against Covid-19.

Driver hygiene protocol:
• All our drivers carry hand sanitiser with them which they used before and after any hand contact with objects or the vehicle and prior to touching your ordered goods.
• Drivers wear face masks on their shift.
• Our drivers are instructed to keep at least 1-meter space between themselves and other people.
• Our drivers are not allowed to make physical contact with people they meet whilst on duty. No hand shaking, hugging or any other physical form of greeting is allowed. Please allow for this to be accepted as the norm for now.
• When at our premises, our drivers use touchless hand sanitising equipment to clean their hands thoroughly.

Our premises:
• When entering our premises, you will be required to use the hand sanitiser provided to clean your hands the same way we do.
• Please avoid touching handrails and any faucets as far as possible.
• All meetings will be done in open well-ventilated areas with no close proximity between persons attending.
• Meetings will be short and to the point to avoid any aerosolized transmissions.
• We have visible signs at entrances and exits to our building asking our valued clients to stick to this protocol.We will do the same when we visit our clients and suppliers.
We trust you will accept our endeavors in respect of the Covid-19 pandemic to be in order taking into consideration the seriousness of the matter.

Kind Regards,
Mike Labuschagne –