Falling under the globally renown Hartmann brand stable, premium quality brands as Cosmopor, Hydrafilm, Dermaplast and Eycopad need no introduction. HARTMANN is a leader in the field of advanced wound care management. As summed up in their time-tested slogan “HARTMANN helps healing”.

Hartmann DermaPlast Aqua

Made of transparent polyurethane foil, breathable, yet waterproof.

Hartmann DermaPlast Water Resistant

Water-resistant plasters made of dirt-repellent film that does not stick to the wound.

Hartmann Dermaplast Elastic Strips

With it's elastic fabric this product is perfect for protecting small wounds.

Hartmann DermaPlast Kids

Children ' s plasters, fun with animal characters design, made of hard-wearing polyethylene foil, water and dirt resistant.

Hartmann DermaPlast Protect

Cushioned water-resistant plasters made of flexible material for wounds in exposed places.

Hartmann DermaPlast Sensitive

Made of soft and snug-fitting non-woven fabric; indicated for patients with sensitive skin.

Hartmann Dermaplast Elastic Finger Plasters

Specially designed for the protection of minor hand and finger injuries.

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