Mallinckrodt offers airway management solutions for a wide range of procedures and patients including those with unique anatomical requirements. By enabling reliable oxygenation, humidification, and ventilation support, Mallinckrodt™ endotracheal tubes help clinicians promote better patient outcomes.

RAE™ Oral Uncuffed

RAE™ Preformed Oral Uncuffed Mallinckrodt (10's)

Hi-Lo Murphy Cuffed

Hi-Lo Contour Cuffed Mallinckrodt (10's)

D22 RAE™ Nasal Cuffed

D22 RAE™ Preformed Nasal Cuffed Mallinckrodt (10's)

Safety-Flex Cuffed Mallinckrodt

Safety Flex Cuffed Mallinckrodt (10's)

RAE™ Oral Cuffed

RAE™ Preformed Oral Cuffed Mallinckrodt (10's)

RAE™ Nasal Uncuffed

RAE™ Preformed Nasal Uncuffed Mallinckrodt (10's)

Hi-Contour Cuffed Mallinckrodt

Hi-Contour Cuffed Mallinckrodt (10's)

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