Ultra Pure

The gold standard of HOCL

Our Hypochlorous Acid is crafted to match the quality produced by the body’s white blood cells, ensuring utmost safety, efficacy, and minimal side effects. Achieved through a patented manufacturing process, it guarantees pure and stable formulation.

Ultra Pure

About UltraPure

Our brand, Ultrapure, delves into the natural potency of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL), a substance naturally produced by the body’s white blood cells to combat infections. Through extensive research and development, we’ve crafted a proprietary method, resulting in one of the purest, most stable forms of HOCL available. Unlike numerous HOCL-based products on the market containing bleach elements, salt, or chloride by-products, our HOCL solution is meticulously purified. Renowned for its powerful microbicidal, antibiofilm, and wound-healing properties, our commitment to years of dedicated work ensures that Ultrapure offers HOCL-based products of unparalleled quality and purity. As the leading HOCL supplier in South Africa, we take pride in providing the world’s purest and most stable HOCL.

Ultra Pure

Featured Products

Our assortment of Pure stabilized HOCL products caters to specific body areas with varying parts per million (PPM). Tailored for enhanced results, our Noxmaria wound care features a high PPM, while our Nasal spray, formulated with a lower PPM, ensures comfortable use, providing solutions for various needs


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