mx™ Cohesive Tape

mx™ Cohesive Tape is an adhesive free, non woven tape that is ideal for providing support to muscles and joints. It is also recommended for securing dressings over wounds, as well as general compression. It is highly flexible and comfortable to wear. The tape adheres to itself as it is bandaged around a joint, so no clips or pins are necessary. Since it contains no adhesive, removing the tape is easy and pain free.


  • Adhesive Free Elastic Bandage
  • Tear able by hand
  • Easy Application and Pain Free Removal
  • Non Woven Fabric: Latex Free and Hypoallergenic
  • Secure Dressings and Tape Joints
Additional information

Additional information

Sizes Available:

2.5cm x 4.5M, 5cm x 4.5M, 7.5cm x 4.5M, 10cm x 4.5M

Colours Available

Beige, Blue, Black