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Medinox is a health centric business with a global footprint that offers a range of medical and personal well-being brands and products. Medinox own brands include MX, Luna, Raffa, Econocare and Vitaplus and we also distribute a number of internationally recognised brands.

Through a professional sales team, we sell and distribute to pharmacies, medical practices, wholesalers, retailers and businesses. We strive to deliver products that are superior quality, affordable and innovative.

what we are aboutOur Services

Medinox is able to assist customers who are wanting to create their own Private Label brands or extend their existing range by sourcing and managing product development from design to delivery to customers’ warehouses.

Customers are able to benefit from Medinoxs’ global network of suppliers and substantial buying power. We offer a complete end-to-end solution saving customers time and hassle, allowing them to launch products quickly and efficiently.

our brands that we are proud ofOur Brands

The range is professionally packaged, well presented and loved by our end users

  1. BBraun

    B.Braun is one of the worlds leading providers and manufacturers of healthcare solutions. Medinox is a proud distributor of the B-Braun Disinfectant range.

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  2. Biofreeze

    Biofreeze is an internationally recognised brand. This innovative product relieves muscle and joint pain based on the beneficial properties of Cyrotherapy.

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  3. Buchulife

    Buchu is recognised as South Africa’s most valuable medicinal plant, with much research and evidence pointing to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antihistamine properties.

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  4. Econocare

    Disributed exclusively by Medinox, Econocare is a cost effective range of products that delivers quality and value for money to medical practitioners.

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  5. Hartmann

    Falling under the globally renown Hartmann brand stable, premium quality brands as Cosmopor, Hydrafilm, Dermaplast and Eycopad need no introduction.

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  6. mx™ Health

    Launched in 2009, our own brand mx™ is a trusted and respected wide range synonymous with superior quality and affordability. The range is professionally packaged, well presented and loved by our end users.

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  7. Pasante

    Pasante is a global condom and lubricant brand, made in the UK. The wide range offers certified, premium quality products that you can trust.

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  8. Synthecon

    Synthecon is a South African suture manufacturer that was established in 2006 in order to create sutures that were both world class in quality but also affordable in price.

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  9. VitaPlus+

    Vitaplus is an essential personal care range suitable for the whole family. From plasters, to foot care accessories, earplugs, pillboxes and cast protectors, Vitaplus offers value for money quality products.

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industries we serviceOur Customers

Medical Practice

Medical practitioners, specialists, hospitals, clinics.


Independent pharmacies & groups.


Various retail sectors.


Pharmaceutical & medical.

a global partnerMedinox South Africa

Medinox distributes brands through strategic partnerships across the globe. We provide our healthcare practitioners and customers with a range of personal and international healthcare brands. We specialise in brand management, import, export, warehousing, distribution, sales and marketing of health, wellbeing and lifestyle products.