Vita Plus

Essential Health products for the whole family

Vitaplus presents an indispensable personal care collection ideal for all family members. Featuring a range from plasters and foot care accessories to earplugs, pill boxes, and cast protectors, Vitaplus ensures top-quality products that deliver excellent value for your investment.

Vita Plus

About Vita Plus

Vitaplus introduces an essential personal care collection tailored for the entire family’s well-being. This thoughtfully curated range comprises exceptional health care products designed to cater to diverse needs. Our Hydrocolloid plasters provide an innovative solution by assisting in scab retention, aiding the healing process effectively. Additionally, our soft and durable cast protectors offer reliable coverage for unexpected mishaps, ensuring maximum comfort. For your next swimming session, our earplugs guarantee protection and convenience. Vitaplus is your comprehensive destination for a wide array of health care essentials, addressing various requirements with top-notch solutions.

Vita Plus

Featured Products

Discover Vitaplus, a vital personal care collection designed for the whole family’s wellness needs. Our range includes innovative Hydrocolloid plasters for effective scab retention, durable cast protectors for comfort during mishaps, and convenient earplugs for swimming sessions, providing comprehensive solutions for diverse health care needs


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